HighDesign R8.1

Improved Windows experience, more powerful dimensions, improved Adjust Image and Photogrammetry, and many quality improvements.

Microsoft Windows logo

Improved Windows Experience

HighDesign R8.1 greatly improves the overall experience for Windows users.

We have improved the quality of printing and PDF output, especially for files containg filled regions with transparency and paths, and reduced the size of PDF files.

The user interface is now smoother and more consistent with cleaner dialogs and transitions and a better management of floating panels across multiple documents.

Image of dimension settings window

More Options for Dimensions

Dimensions offer a new option to show the label on an opaque background. When the drawing is particularly complex or the dimension is placed over a pattern, you can now increase its readability by turning on the opaque label background.

Text units are now saved in the project so that you can now always work with your preferred text units regardless of the current linear units.

Screenshot of the Adjust Image tool with the new Barrel Distort filter.

More Powerful Image Adjust

The Adjust Image panel now features a clearer user interface and an improved Crop tool.

The new Barrel Distort filter allows you to correct the distortions in pictures caused by the convexity of camera lens.

The Adjust Image tool is now quickly accessible from the Object Info panel.

Setup of a new photogrammetry with image editing options.

Redesigned Photogrammetry Setup

We redesigned the Setup stage of the Photogrammetry tool to make it more usable and easier to use.

Photogrammetry images can now be corrected with the Adjust Image tool.

Screenshot of the sidebar with the Graphic Properties panel.

Overall Quality Improvements

HighDesign R8.1 includes many stability and quality improvements to tables, Object Info, the Tape Measure tool, polylines and Offset, snaps and snap to grid, and more.