HighDesign Pro delivers an extensive set of tools and features aimed specifically at architectural design. Whether you're an architect, a civil engineer, a constructor or a contractor, HighDesign Pro will help you effectively achieve your designs within a familiar CAD environment and a BIM-like workflow.

The following features are available in HighDesign Pro:

Design with Building Elements

Basic and Compound Walls

With HighDesign Pro, you can easily insert solid or compound, parametric walls into your project that automatically connect and rebuild.

Columns & Pillars

Insert round columns and rectangular pillars with a single click. Create structural grids with auto-alignment and offsets.


Choose from a range of window families and define reveal, frame sizes and options. The level of detail adjusts with the representation scale.


Insert swinging, double, pocket, sliding and more door families. Define opening side and direction with a click.

Organize the Project

Sheets, Details & Layouts

Tackle the complexity of a design project with a clean, efficient organization. HighDesign Pro offers drafting sheets, details with callout and in-project navigation, views and layouts. You are in control all the time.

Styles & Element Types

Make your projects more efficient by standardizing common elements into styles and types. When an element is styled, it is immediately grouped with all the other elements of the same style.

Trace References

A complete tool to display, review and trace views of drawings and pictures on a drafting sheet.

Compare drawings, create elevations and cross sections from floor plans. Set to scale and trace imported floorplans, city maps and pictures.

Document the Project

Extensive Project Information

Complete your project with associated non-graphical data, such as information about the firm, the client, building location, and more.

Viewports & Title Blocks

To publish your project on layout sheets you insert 'viewports', that is windows onto parts of the project. Add a title block to the sheet and have it filled automatically with information extracted from the sheet and the project.

Element Information & Tags

Building elements include non-graphical information such as name, tag and description that can be displayed by Tag annotations.

Exchange and Publish

Extended DXF/DWG®

Open DXF and DWG® drawings and retain the original document structure with model and layouts. Extract blocks from drawings to extend the symbol library and re-use existing drawings.

Publish to PDF

Export single- or multiple-page vector PDF documents. You can export a PDF book of the layouts, define custom sizes, apply color filters, and more.

Customize Your Workspace


Create new projects starting from predefined models that can include colors, layers, sheets, page sizes, units, linetypes, objects, and more.

Customizable Shortcuts

Use the Shortcuts pane to set and customize the keyboard shortcuts for almost all commands of the HighDesign menus.

Flexible Sidebar and Panels

Customize the workspace to suit your habits and needs. Drag panels on and off the sidebar to make the most of screen space, or collapse the sidebar to maximize the drawing area.


2D Photogrammetry

HighDesign Pro provides a powerful, single-image photogrammetry tool to acquire the orthogonal projection of architectonic façades and any planar surface captured in a normal picture.

Edit Images

Edit images directly in HighDesign without the need of an external editor. The Adjust Image tool provides an integrated image editing module to perform many common functions for image enhancement.

Drawing Presentation

A powerful tool to create high-quality, rendered images from vector based drawings. Use this tool to publish high-impact 2D renderings of your drawings.

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