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Beautiful designs deserve elegant tools.

HighDesign lets you create and manage complex projects with ease, with powerful tools and an efficient workflow to get more done, in less time and with more satisfaction.

Sketch, Design, Present, Publish: drafting and architectural design in one, elegant solution.

Superior User Interface

HighDesign R6.5 on Windows 11

Advanced Resource Management

HighDesign R6.5 Resource Manager

Powerful Elegance

HighDesign provides tools and functions developed for the actual design practice so that you can focus on your idea rather than the tool.

Most elements are parametric: their shape, size and appearance can be defined and tied to adjustable parameters. Hatches can change their spacing according to the drawing scale, symbols can use their original colors or your colors.

Of course you can use all the familiar drafting tools to create and modify geometric shapes.

For architects, engineers and construction professionals, the Pro edition provides even more powerful tools and project management features: walls, doors and windows, sheets, details, layouts, title blocks, and more.

The Best Tools for Your Designs

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Sketch, Design, Publish

All the tools you need to complete your project from start to success.
Document the project

Project Documentation

Annotate, dimension and document your project with standard-compliant tools and parametric properties.

Neatly Organized

Organize your project in a clean structure of layers, views, specialized sheets and styles.


In HighDesign SE and Pro, extend the default resource libraries of line-types, hatches, patterns, textures, styles an types.

Exchange Files

HighDesign imports and exports your project as DXF, DWG 2018, Tiff, Jpeg, Gif and PNG with alpha channel.
User Interface

Superior Interface

HighDesign's modern user interface simplifies complex tasks and keeps everything you need exactly where you need it.


Two Platforms, One Workflow

HighDesign is available for Mac and Windows: it comes with the same interface, feature* set and file format for both Mac and Windows platforms: this means that exchanging files and sharing resources between different machines and with external collaborators has never been so easy.

Also, with the support of the DWG 2018-2020 file format and with the introduction of Block Attributes, Layouts, Title Blocks and Viewports HighDesign R6 Pro is now more compatible than ever and is the perfect choice for design firms and professionals.

Smooth Transition

If you come from another CAD/Design application, HighDesign Pro gives you the freedom to work as you are already accustomed to: you can draw the project on one single Drafting Sheet at a 1:1 real scale (as in the Model workspace) and use Layouts and Viewports to create scaled views of the project for presentations, or you can benefit from the use of multiple scaled Drafting Sheets, Detail Sheets and Project Views to best organize your project.

What's New

Discover the new features and improvements of the latest release of HighDesign.

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The Pleasure of Drafting

Rediscover the pleasure of producing beautiful drawings. All the tools you need to draw, modify and enrich your designs.

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Made for Architecture

With its powerful and ever expanding array of design tools, HighDesign Pro is your choice for your architecture, engineering and construction projects.

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Compare Editions

HighDesign is available in three editions to best match your needs. Every edition is designed for different usage intensity and applications.



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Interested in the development of HighDesign?

The public roadmap shows the overall progress of the new features being implemented and a glimpse at those planned for the future. With the public roadmap you can:

  • See what features are being developed and check their progress.
  • Vote for the features that matter most to you.
  • Comment on features.
  • Suggest ideas for evaluation.
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