HighDesign for Education

Investing in your future: learn about HighDesign for students, educators and academic institutions.

Get HighDesign for free as a student or educator

ILEXSOFT offers free Educational licenses of HighDesign to qualified students, instructors and academic institutions. Whether you are a student with a drawing to complete, an instructor teaching design, or an administrator, HighDesign offers a unique flexibility and design experience that designers and institutions around the world appreciate.

The Educational License provides all the features of the Professional edition, with the following restrictions:

  • The Educational license is intended for educational and academic purposes only, such as learning, teaching, research or development in an academic context. It may not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes.
  • The license will be functional for ONE YEAR and is re-newable each year. After expiration, the software will no longer be operational.
  • An "educational" stamp will be added to printed and exported drawings.
  • Files created with an Educational license are marked as "educational" projects.

Before applying for an Educational license, please read the Educational Terms of Use.

Apply for the Educational Program

Get started with HighDesign Educational with two easy steps: fill the application form below and provide a proof of eligibility. Once you are verified, we will send you the activation key that will unlock all the Pro features for a year!

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Proof of enrollment status

Scan and upload an academic ID card with a visible expiration date, enrollment document, invoice or receipt.

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