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HighDesign 1.8.2 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Added four new hatch types: running bond, Flemish bond, English bond, and shingles.
  • The Update Style button on the Styles panel now updates the selected style by the selection, if available. Previously it always applied the current defaults.
  • Dashed lines used in hatch patterns now have an absolute origin.
  • Grouped objects now retain their display order.
  • Pasted objects now retain their display order.
  • Dashed lines create solid intersections at any zoom factor.
  • The center of circles and arcs is now highlighted whenever the cursor is inside their area.
  • Several actions of the Styles window are now undoable.
  • Moving the absolute origin of the drawing can be undone.

Changes and Optimizations

  • Dashed lines used in hatches now have absolute origin.


  • Menus and buttons on the Sheet size dialog now working correctly.
  • Symbols in merged documents now retain their appearance.
  • Rotated texts are now displayed and printed correctly at any zoom/resolution.
  • Hatches Manager: the Offset input field did not work correctly.
  • Reordering project views did not set the File Modified flag.
  • Project Views now remember their order more accurately when a file is opened.
  • Object Info: tabbing between input fields no longer locks the next field.
  • The Calculate Area command is now more accurate with shapes made of curved sides mixed with straight segments.
  • DXF export: solved a formatting error caused by groups with invalid objects.
  • Dimension objects and the corresponding styles did not match correctly.
  • Leader styles did not store the 'landing size' property.
  • Fixed several internal errors.
  • Datum points inside groups now honour the 'Print Construction Objects' option of the Print Preview window.
  • Older symbols containing groups were not displayed correctly.
  • Printing now honors the current end caps settings.
  • The arrows menu now shows the arrow size of the currently select item.
  • The Duplicate Items to Sheet menu now deselects the original objects.
  • The Transfer To and Duplicate To sheet menus now list the sheets in the same order as the Sheets window.
  • The Polygonal Measure Tape no longer disappears during construction.
  • Linear dimensions whose label is larger than the available space again draw the label outside of the dimension (broken in 1.8).
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