R5 -> HD17 backwards compatibility

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R5 -> HD17 backwards compatibility

Post by kohledfusion »

Has anyone successfully reverted an R5 file to HD17 using Save Special>Save as older Version command? I've tried get corrupted files that lock up HD17 when I try to open them. Saving as DWG does the same thing. So far my only workaround is saving as DXF and opening in HD17, which loses lots of work.
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Re: R5 -> HD17 backwards compatibility

Post by Philip R »

No, I have not But I have had a somewhat similar experience but in reverse and my experience might be interesting to you. I had started drawings in 17 then opened them in the newer R5 version only to lose some of the work I have done, even when I go back to 17 it is not there. Sorry to say I have not figured out a good solution. However, the one thing I have done is go to a back-up that has not been opened in the newer version and open it in the older version, and there is my missing work. So I make a change to the save as name and only open it in the older version. Simple bit that is hardly a good way to work. Stand alone software of all types have always had this problem with newer version compatibility. Basically, any drawing I do I now open it with the version I created it in.

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