R5 Questions: Shortcuts and Renaming Print Area

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R5 Questions: Shortcuts and Renaming Print Area

Post by kohledfusion »

Hi guys,
I am using the trial and noticed two things.

1)When I click on an existing print area, the object info shows a text box for the print area name. I was very excited that I could change the name of an existing print area. However, the change doesn't 'stick'. Am I doing something wrong?

2) The options in Edit>Arrange and Edit>Align are no longer offered in the shortcut list. Can they be added back to the shortcut preferences pick list?

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Re: R5 Questions: Shortcuts and Renaming Print Area

Post by Andrew »

Hi Erin,

1) We tested a renamed area and the change was retained, both during the session and after re-opening the file. What we noticed is that pressing Enter in the input field adds a new line, whereas it should simply close the field. You should click outside to confirm the input.

Hint: to rename an area, you can also use the pop-up triangle to the right of the name, as shown below.
2) Yes, we'll consider adding those shortcuts back in the next update if it fits the schedule.
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