HighDesign 2016.0.2 Now Available

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HighDesign 2016.0.2 Now Available

Post by Andrew »

A new update is available today. This release addresses a number of issues that affected mostly file integrity, import and export and texts. The full release notes and download link are at http://www.ilexsoft.com/support/release ... 6-0-2.html

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Re: HighDesign 2016.0.2 Now Available

Post by alexwhite »

Thanks for the improvements.

I'm still not able to float between Length entries like before. I usually work in Fractional Feet and Inches mode. In 1.8 I could enter 5/8 or .625 without the " and the command was successful. I still find that this is inconsistent in 2016.0.2 for two commands:

It seems on first entry of a length, without starting with L, a "." does not trigger the length entry process.

I also can't always make a decimal entry work, like .625 even after I get the length box to open, and end up having to use 5/8"

Small things I know, but add up in time and extra keystrokes.

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Re: HighDesign 2016.0.2 Now Available

Post by kohledfusion »

Thank you for the new nudge. I am having a strange behavior when I use stretch in 16.0.2
If I am on my primary screen (my mac laptop), stretch works fine.
If I move my HD window to my secondary screen (acer HD monitor) the stretch selection window zooms in, jumps around and presents 'ghost' selection rectangles, making it impossible to use. Very strange!

I backtracked to 2016.0.1 to see if it was possibly my computer, but 16.0.1 it works fine. I will attempt to upgrade again tonight and video the behavior.

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Re: HighDesign 2016.0.2 Now Available

Post by Skywagon »

Thanks for the update, I share Alexwhite' s remarks on keyboard input. entering decimal values implies typing 'L' before numerical input.
It wasn't the case back in the old days with 1.87. I had to switch units from Meters to centimeters inorder to avoid this behavior
Performance and saving process is slower.

The main issues to me are the wall's behavior and joining them:
When 3 walls (structural or partitions) meet at the same point it gets pretty messy ! No way of correcting the joining of the walls.
I won't enumerate all of them but that's a major problem.
Using ''rebuild walls'' routine isn't always efficient. Using 'repair document' as well . When applied the project properties change:
The units turn into inches fractions etc.. the grid settings change to 30 units ..instead of the initial 1 unit grid. !! Really annoying.

But once again please do something with the walls / doors / joining walls performance and maybe if possible with speed.
In fine, on the line type menu there's a bunch of undetermined line types with chinese or japanese text !! Strange ??
I have been using HD since 1,8 version and I still believe it is a great one. However some things must be corrected ASAP to take away those on and off frustrations.
Thanks to all and have a happy summer.
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Re: HighDesign 2016.0.2 Now Available

Post by kohledfusion »

Tony, I have the same problem. It's from importing/converting DWG files. Andrew gave me the solution, figure it's ok to share:

First step, back up your file :)

go into Drawing manager, click line types.
I scroll to the bottom of the list & select the last line type
click the '-' (minus) sign below that in the line type buttons.
repeat until you get up to the standard HD line types.
I've found that the minus sign grays out if it's a Standard HD line, but NOT ALWAYS. I have also accidentally deleted a custom line I was using.

I also had 400 imported hatches in my files, so a similar cleanup in Drawing Manager> Hatch Patterns
click on the left most button on the left side, 'folder'
you should get two visual lists of hatches.
the list on the right is the list loaded to your drawing. I scroll down looking for anything that has 'imported' as the prefix.
highlight all of the imported (that you don't want to use), using shift-click
then drag the highlighted stuff to the left list.

Doing this sped up all files and reduced their size.

Repeat though, BACK UP your file before you do it!

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