HighDesign 2015.2.2 - Speed and Stability Improvements

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HighDesign 2015.2.2 - Speed and Stability Improvements

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Continuing with the quick updates, HighDesign 2015.2.2 focuses on stability and usability. Fillet and Chamfer now provide a more consistent interface when used on non-selected objects and better handling of polylines. You can now use these commands indifferently on selected object, with the “select > activate command > apply”, or on unselected objects, with the method “activate command > click object > apply”.

The Convert To Polyline tool can now be used simultaneously on multiple selected objects, like rectangles and regular polygons.

Many situations that occurred with tools such as Hatches, Dimensions, Polylines, and Symbols have been addressed to improve the overall stability.

This update also features speed optimizations that make screen redraws up to 40% faster than previous releases.

You can apply this update to HighDesign 2015 running on all supported operating systems and languages.

Download HighDesign 2015.2.2

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