HighDesign 2015.2.1 Available, El Capitan Ready!

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HighDesign 2015.2.1 Available, El Capitan Ready!

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We are pleased to announce the release of HighDesign 2015.2.1. This new update fully supports the latest OS X 10.11 El Capitan and focuses on stability and user experience.

HighDesign 2015.2.1 Release Notes
  • Ready for OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
  • Fixed a situation that prevented Object Info from modifying an object if it was the only selected object.
  • When creating dimensions, the snap gives precedence to normal objects.
  • Improved Snap to Perpendicular with horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Fixed a situation that could occur when creating or editing a symbol.
  • The Layers pane now updates correctly after pasting objects with their own layers.
  • Improved the behaviour of size fields on the Symbol Inspector and added synchronization with Object Info.
HighDesign 2015.2 Release Notes

New Features, Enhancements, Changes
  • [PRO] The Save As Template command now saves directly to the User Templates folder without opening the file save dialog.
  • Symbol Inspector: controls are now disabled when there is no symbol selected.
  • Drawing Manager: the linetypes and hatches panes now have a control on the left margin to access the resources list.
  • Text tool: changing tool when the text insertion box is open now creates a text object.
  • It is now possible to switch between editing tools at any moment, either via the Edit bar or the menu shortcuts.
  • After activating an editing tool via a toolbar button, clicking the button again cancels the action.
  • Workspace Preferences: added the option to restrict editing to the Arrow tool.
  • [PRO] Walls: added a visual cue on the leading side and vertex
  • Enhanced Repair Document tool.
  • New Mask Other layers function and button on the Layers pane to show only the current layer and restore the status after.
  • Fillet and Chamfer can be activated without preselected objects and applied consecutively.
  • Added help info for Edit tools in the Status bar.
  • Input fields in the Input bar now highlight their locked status when coordinates or an alignment condition are locked.
  • The Rotate tool now accepts numeric input to set the rotation angle.
  • [PRO] New Rebuild Wall tool in the Tools menu.
  • Object Info now modifies by default all selected objects of the same type. To modify only the current object, open the pop-up menu on the panel header and choose “Apply Only to Current Object”

  • The Pan tool changes the cursor as soon as activated.
  • The Polyline no longer selects with the exclusive Selection tool under certain circumstances.
  • Groups: fixed pen weight assignment from the Properties bar.
  • Open arrowheads did not use the same pen weight as the line.
  • Move, Nudge, Duplicate, and Multiply no longer deselect the objects after.
  • [PRO] Walls: fixed mirroring.
  • [PRO] Walls: editing a wall from the start point no longer changes the position of its doors and windows.
  • [PRO] Walls: improved Undo/Redo after editing.
  • [PRO] Walls: improved intersections
  • [PRO] Columns: improved handling of different drawing scales.
  • Symbols: pasted symbols on sheets at different scale now correctly updates the bounding box.
  • Units: fixed decimal/fractional feet and inches.
  • Dimensions Inspector: improved consistency of controls.
  • Improved accuracy of first click in click-drag method.
  • Improved stability.
  • DWG: improved handling of some files that could not be opened in earlier versions.
  • DWG: improved compatibility, import of blocks, texts and multiple lines (MLINE).
  • Fixed crash caused by Point objects.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Download HighDesign 2015.2.1

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