HighDesign 2015.1 Released

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HighDesign 2015.1 Released

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The new update HighDesign 2015.1 is now available for download.

HighDesign 2015.1 Release Notes

• Hatches: Speed optimisations.
• Project defaults for units, colours and grid applied to new documents and “Auto” templates.
• Workspace Preferences: added full-size crosshair option
• New long-click feature: press and hold the pointer to pan the canvas.
• Snap to grid now automatically excludes the other snaps if they are disabled.
• The Welcome window now provides tabs to access files, templates and examples.
• Filled shapes and images can be selected with a click inside of the Arrow tool.
• New Area units section in Project Properties.
• Print: new option to exclude fills from the monochromatic option.
• Hatch Inspector: added hatch colour distinct from stroke.

• Temporary items are cleaned when the app closes
• PRO: Custom presets did not load correctly
• PRO: Styles that include presets did not load correctly
• Double-clicking a text with the Arrow tool now allows to close the box by clicking outside.
• PRO: Improved conversion of walls, doors and windows from older documents.
• Improved synchronisation of colours in older documents.
• Improved DXF/DWG conversion.
• Horizontal orientation applied to new dimension labels.
• PDF: improved export of vertical labels.
• PRO: Improved transfer and duplicate objects to sheet.
• Improved parsing of fractional feet and inches input.
• Welcome Window: Fixed special characters in Recent file names
• Layer Manager: fixed synchronisation between selected layer and Delete button
• Layers: improved safety when loading duplicate layers.
• Grouped symbols did not load correctly.
• The Snaps panel now opens in new sessions if it was previously used, regardless of the sidebar status.
• Improved the option “Snap to Grid disables other snaps”.
• Default text units for text and dimension objects are now properly stored in the preferences.
• Hatch tool: Fit To Arc editing now works correctly.
• Rectangles, Groups can now resized proportionally.
• Texts, Annotations: fixed scale operations.
• Miscellaneous fixes

Download from http://www.ilexsoft.com/downloads/index.html

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