How do I make a reusable title block?

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How do I make a reusable title block?

Post by Andrew »

You can make a title block with a simple two-step process:

HighDesign Professional
1. Create a new document, scale 1:1, with only one sheet named "Title Block", with your default title block, your logo, etc. and optionally add a page frame.
2. Save the document, naming it something like "Title Block Template".

Now you have a template you can attach to all your projects, like this:
In any project, choose File > Merge, select the template file and the sheet with the title block is added to the sheets of the current document, with its own scale and text size.

HighDesign Standard
Draw your title block at a 1:1 scale and save it as a symbol.

When you insert that symbol, be sure to deselect the "Scale-dependent" checkbox in the Symbol Library panel. To edit texts like Drawing Number, Revision Date, etc. simply explode the symbol and edit the text objects.

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Post by alexwhite »

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This is actually a good tip that has been recently discussed in the other forum categories. I have never tried the merge function. Anyone else?
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