HighDesign R6.5 is out now!

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HighDesign R6.5 is out now!

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Release 6.5 is available now for download. With 44 new and improved features and over 120 bug fixes, this latest update focuses on user experience, performance and stability.

R6.5 adds full support for Windows 11 and greatly improves the overall experience on the Windows platform.

The Edit Group command has been rewritten and it now lets you edit groups in their context, so you can see exactly how the group items relate to the rest of the drawing. The new commands Add Object/Remove Object allow you to add or remove items with a click and the redesigned editor is designed to easily handle sub-groups.

Layers gain a new property, "opacity", that controls the overall intensity of the objects on the layer. This is particularly useful to create more effective drawings where the background or the site elements must be lighter than main drawing.

Many drawing operations and nearly all tools have been optimized both for efficiency and performance, with particular attention to texts, which can now be rotated with their styles, annotations, hatches, patterns and textures.

The Resource Manager has been optimized and improved: line types, hatch patterns and styles are now handled with more consistency and security.

Symbol attributes can now be exported as CSV.

Other improvements include points, which can now be displayed in a number of visual styles, the colors pop-over panel, styles, project views, the project browser, and many others.

Last but not least, the documentation has been updated, enriched with new articles and detailed descriptions and, most importantly, fully available in English, Italian, German and French.

Read the full release notes

Download HighDesign R6.5

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