New Video Tutorial: Using Snaps

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New Video Tutorial: Using Snaps

Post by Andrew »

A new video tutorial has been posted: Using Snaps in HighDesign.
Watch it on our YouTube Channel.

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Re: New Video Tutorial: Using Snaps

Post by bdgWesternMass »

Hello Andrew,

I just watched the video on snaps and here is my question.

How does the snaps UI relate to one's snap selection.
I had assumed that one would only select the snap style one was interested in.
I also never understood if there is a freehand mode?

Finally snap to grid is only for the major grid lines. The subdivision are not part of the "grid".



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Re: New Video Tutorial: Using Snaps

Post by Giovanni »


- Selected (active) snap options are highlighted.
- You can select and use more snap options at the same time (just de-activate the options you are not interested in).
- If for "freehand mode" you mean with no snap, yes there is: just de-select all snap options.
- Currently the "Snap to grid" option is for major grid nodes only, not grid sub-divisions.

Giovanni Suraci
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