HighDesign Educational

Educational and Academic

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ILEXSOFT offers free Educational licenses of HighDesign to qualified students, instructors and academic institutions. The Educational License provides all the features of the Professional edition, with the following restrictions:

  • The Educational license is intended for educational and academic purposes only, such as learning, teaching, research or development in an academic context. It may not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes.
  • The license will be functional for ONE YEAR and is re-newable each year. After expiration, the software will no longer be operational.
  • An educational stamp will be added to printed and exported drawings.
  • Files created with an Educational license are marked as "educational" projects.

Before applying for an Educational license, please read the Educational Terms of Use.

New Application

If you are a new user, apply for an educational license by registering below. Please note that the approval is subject to verification of the provided proof of eligibility.
Upon verification, you will be emailed a one-year free Educational license.

Check Your Qualification

  • Institution is Elementary school/K-12, High School, College/University, Trade School
  • My current education status is student, faculty, or mentor.
  • I Accept the terms and conditions of the software license agreement that accompany HighDesign Educational and the above-listed restrictions.
  • I will provide any of the following: Student ID with date validating current status; or, payed tax for the current year; or, teacher ID; or, letter from the institution/teacher. Please send proof as email attachment to educational@ilexsoft.com



If you have already registered and want to renew your Educational license, fill the form below.
Please note that students must provide proof of the current educational status.