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HighDesign 1.6.2 Release Notes
New Features
  • Elevation Dimensions can now have an offset on a per-sheet basis. This allows, for instance, to set "100" as reference base origin instead of "0.0".
  • Drawing Manager: When the binding between layers and drawing tools is active, it is now possible to set a layer as the default layer for unbound tools.
  • Added support for the eraser button of tablet pens.
  • The contextual menu on the main window now includes the Arrange commands.
  • Find dialog: added a new group to search texts inside text blocks, dimensions and leader texts.
  • Print Preview: it is now possible to scale the pen weights when the options "Fit to one page" and "Print pen weights" are active.

  • The Dimension Properties panel now is much more accurate at applying only the properties that have actually changed.
  • Photogrammetry: minor interface updates to the Projection Window.
  • Photogrammetry: clicking projected lines and hatches now displays length and area of the object.
  • Photogrammetry: when the setup is complete, the edges of the image are automatically projected.
  • Improved French localization.
  • Improved support for mouse wheel scrolling: in addition to the Shift key modifier, you can now hold Option to scroll horizontally.
  • Setting X and Y on the endpoint of an object now retains the highest accuracy regardless of the current unit precision.
  • Input fields now accept the Forward Delete key.
  • DXF import: extended compatibility to DXF files generated by Architrion 5.9.
  • Improved display of bezier curves at small zoom factors.
  • Minor interface improvements in menus and main window.
  • Clicking the midpoint of a segment of a selected polygon now adds a vertex instead of moving the next existing vertex.
  • Palettes: added a short delay before fading out when the mouse leaves the palette.
  • By-type selection with the Caps-Lock key now works with right-click selections too.
  • The Calculate Area tool now uses decimal values only. Fractional feet and fractional inches are displayed in their decimal equivalents.
  • Copy and Set Attributes commands now handle dimension markers correctly.
  • The Find dialog now updates the selected object properties and the rulers on the main window.
  • Slightly improved the Sheet Size dialog.
  • Negative texts (white on dark background shape) print white when the "All Colors To Black" option is active.
  • Snap to Alignments: Improved the alignment guides.
  • Snap: intersections between parallel lines are now ignored.
  • Parallel and Perpendicular constraints now support the edges of hatches and fills as reference lines.
  • Pasted objects are brought to the center of the view only when they are off-screen.
  • Improved snapping to rectangles, polygons and fills.

  • Fixed some internal errors in Drawing Manager.
  • Dimension properties: the extension lines buttons were swapped.
  • Change scale dialog: improved layout in HighDesign Standard.
  • Help > User Guide now properly allows the selection of PDF documents.
  • Drawing Manager: Preferences now remember the Bind Layers to Tools setting.
  • Images saved in documents now print correctly.
  • Text blocks of small size, such as smaller than 4 points, did not display correctly with antialias.
  • Fixed an internal error in "PenMoveAngular".
  • Photogrammetry: snaps works correctly on the main window.
  • Photogrammetry: using the Photogrammetry tool again after having closed it previously now opens the Setup palette correctly.
  • Photogrammetry: projected items in saved documents can be edited without creating doubles.
  • Constraining a horizontal angle while setting the start point at a given distance did not work properly.
  • Some file names changed to a shortened version after using the Open Recent command.
  • Leader texts now display with the correct block width and wrapping.
  • Menu shortcuts that contain a "+" now display correctly.
  • Improved the accuracy of intersections between lines and walls.
  • Text graphics now display with their correct transparency level.
  • Fixed an internal error in the Layers button of the main window.
  • Fixed an internal error in "MainWindow::editBtn.init".
  • Fixed an internal error that could occur while undoing a Paste action.
  • Improved circular arc editing.
  • Auto-scrolling no longer deforms the current bezier during construction.
  • Rotating or Mirroring a wall now applies the transformation to its openings as well, regardless of whether they are selected or not.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by some windows.
  • Scroll-wheel zooming no longer jumps to 0.001% when scrolling down from 10%.
  • Deleting a wall connected to another now updates those walls correctly.
  • Fixed a minor glitch in windows with frame casing.
  • Texts keep their original color after printing with the "All Colors To Black" option.
  • Setting a text's color by layer did not work properly.
  • Switching to a sheet at a different scale now updates the rulers.
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