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HighDesign 1.6.1 Release Notes
New Features, Improvements and Fixes
  • With the "Refresh view while scrolling" preference active, scrolling and panning now show the drawing in real time.
  • Added support for Apple's Mighty Mouse: holding down the Shift key now allows horizontal and vertical scrolling via the middle button.
  • The Penweight display button on the main window now switches between all three available display modes.
  • Changed the name of the Scale Drawing tool to "Scale/Resize Drawing".
  • Extended the zoom range from 0.001% to 51200%.
  • The zoom factors menu on the main window now lists values within the new zoom range.
  • DXF input: improved translation of HATCH objects.
  • DXF input: files with incorrect formatting are now supported. This extends HighDesign's compatibility to a number of Windows-based products that produce incorrectly formatted DXF files.
  • DXF input: HATCH objects with unsupported texture patterns are now interpreted as color fills.
  • DXF input: linetypes now get their correct pattern.
  • DXF input: improved text encoding support.
  • Pasted objects now correctly remember their original layers in all situations.
  • Fixed a problem with some serial numbers not being accepted.
  • Drawing manager, Linetypes: the line type menu now works properly.
  • Switching to the Selection tool with the Text tool's field open did not deactivate the Text tool.
  • Text tool: pushing the Tab key now enters three white spaces.
  • Rotate and Rotate by Angle are now enabled when one symbol is selected.
  • Improved display of text at sizes below 5 pts.
  • Improved display of arcs and circles with penweights.
  • Dimension properties panel: text titles are now wider to show other localizations correctly.
  • Scaling angular dimensions now includes text position and radius of the witness arc.
  • Pasted items now honor ByLayer color settings.
  • Extrude now works correctly when the zoom factor changes during construction.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Shortcuts preferences panel.
  • Fixed a problem with rotated texts not being displayed correctly when printed.
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