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HighDesign 1.2.2 Release Notes
  • Faster screen redraw.
  • Faster DXF import.

Miscellaneous Improvements
  • The Print Preview image now matches much more closely the actual results of the printout.
  • Print Preview: the "Print penweights" checkbox now affects the preview.
  • Print Preview: the Fit to One Page checkbox now shows the resize factor.
  • Printing: fixed a problem that caused some printer models to print the drawings aligned to the right-bottom edges of the page.
  • Print Preview: fixed an internal error that could occur when the last document opened included a print area.
  • Pictures can now be selected and moved with the Arrow tool by clicking on the image.
  • Dashed lines now draw more accurately.
  • Printing: dashed lines with a penweight higher than 3 now print with correct spacings.
  • The "Fit to Screen" command under the Window menu now supports multiple screens.
  • Added a new size (XL) for dimension arrows.
  • Elevation dimensions now support the arrow size property.
  • Arrows now draw more accurately.
  • Radial dimensions with one label now support tolerances.

Bug Fixes
  • Text Labels with arrow now draw the text in the correct position.
  • Double-clicking the Wall tool icon with doors and walls selected now shows the appropriate properties for the last selected item.
  • The Symbol Tool dialog now asks the user to select a symbol library if none could be found in the application preferences.
  • Section linetypes did not scale with the zoom factor.
  • Palette windows did not store their new position if moved by live-drag.
  • Some tools did not honor the current drawing color.
  • The Door/Window property dialog could open blank if none of the selected items was of a compatible type.
  • New walls did not always get the border linetype as set in the Wall tool properties dialog.
  • New hatches added before setting the tool properties did not show the hatch pattern.
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