Importing and Exporting

HighDesign, in both Standard and Professional editions, imports and exports DXF, DXB, DWG drawings. HighDesign Pro exports PDF documents. Both editions import and export JPEG, PNG, TIFF images.

Typically, a DXF/DWG drawing is made of a model space and one or more layouts. The model space is usually drawn as unitless and at a 1:1 scale, while the layouts use actual units. To import the model space correctly, it is advisable to set the options in the Import dialog as follows:

  • Drawing Units: Millimeters or Decimal Inches, depending on the origin of the drawing.
  • Check "Use file drawing units" if you know the file was created with specific units.
  • Leave the drawing scale set to 1:1 unless you know the file was created at a different scale.

While HighDesign tries to preserve the highest correspondece when importing and exporting drawings, there are some object types that are only available in HighDesign and not in other apps, and vice-versa. These objects are usually exploded into their base components and grouped for easier handling.

Most 3D objects (3DFACE, 3DSOLID, MESH) are ignored, as well as lights, the SUN entity and OLE entities.

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