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Step 2Request an Educational License.

Please fill out and submit the form below to request an Educational License. An educational license is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. It is re-newable each year with additional purchase.

Proofs of eligibility must be sent as email attachments in Jpeg, Gif, Pdf or other graphic formats to

Terms of Sale
To qualify for Ilexsoft's Educational license, you must provide proof that you are an active professor teaching HighDesign in the lab or classroom, or that you are a CURRENTLY enrolled student.
By purchasing under the terms of the Educational License, you agree:
  • To only use it for the purpose of training and instruction as an active instructor using Ilexsoft Software in your course, classroom or lab, or as an actively enrolled student using Ilexsoft Software for educational purposes only.
  • To not use it for commercial, professional, or for-profit purpose, nor use any of the files created with this license for any commercial purposes.
  • To not use it in the business of the institution, such as facilities management.
  • To provide proof of enrollment or faculty status.

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Contact Information
Your name:  *
Your email address:  *
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Street address:  *
City:  *
State or Province:  *
Postal Code:  *
Country:  *
School Information
School / Institution name:  *
Type of institution:  *
Institution Web URL:
Course type:  *
(Teachers) How many students will be using HighDesign:
Please check one of the following to indicate your compliance with the terms of sale:
I am actively engaged as an instructor using Ilexsoft HighDesign software in the classroom or lab.
I am a currently enrolled student in an institution of learning.
I will provide proof of enrollment, usually by means of student/teacher ID.

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This form will only be reviewed upon receipt of a proof of enrollment or faculty status.

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