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VAT for EU Customers

Information about Value Added Tax (VAT / IVA) for EU customers

Starting from July 1st, 2003, under Directive 2002/38/EC and Regulation No. 792/2002, sales provided from countries outside the European Union are no longer considered tax-free.
This means that electronically supplied services purchased from any of the EU countries are now subject to Value-Added Tax (knows as VAT or IVA).
The applicable VAT rates vary between approx 15-25% and depend on the member state that the end user resides in.

If already registered for VAT as a business, the customer has to insert his/her VAT ID in the appropriate field and the price will remain tax-free, without VAT rate applied.

If the customer is not registered for VAT (consumer), the final price will include the VAT rate for the country he/she resides in.

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