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Photogrametry is the technique of reliably measuring planar or tridimensional objects by means of photographs.
The images of the object can be taken with traditional cameras, digital cameras or radiation sensors. The most important advantage of this technique is that it makes possible to get the dimensions of an object with a high degree of accuracy without actually having to measure the object directly. Also, the whole process is much quicker than direct measurements.

HighDesign Professional provides planar photogrammetry by a single photogramme, which means you can get scaled 2D drawings having just one image of the object (though taken following a few rules) and knowing no more than 2 orthogonal measures.

There are many applications of photogrammetry, the most common being surveying architectural façades, floors, painted walls, interiors. Planar photogrammetry is also widely used in archaeology, GIS and land mapping from aerial photographs.

The advantages of using the photogrammetric system of HighDesign are:

Ease of use

Step 1. 1. Importing a digital photo and selecting its geometrical type
Photogrammetry in HighDesign is easy.
All you need to start with is a photo acquired through a digital camera or a table scanner. You don't even have to know two actual dimensions since you can enter assumed values and then scale the drawing when finished.
The setup process is organized in easy steps, with inline help to guide you throughout the basics.

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Step 2. 2. Set up: select vertical and horizontal directions, add an optional depth direction and enter the vertical and horizontal actual dimensions.
As a consequence of its ease of use, using the photogrammetry tool of HighDesign is a quick process: select and rebuild the geometric shape of the object, enter two values as vertical and horizontal dimensions, and draw directly over the image.
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Reliable Results

Step 3. 3. Trace the lines on the surface of the object drawing directly over the image. No correction to the shape of the photo is performed in order to preserve its details.
Once the setup process is complete, everything is ready: you do not have to correct the photo or add any other information.

The photogrammetric system implemented in HighDesign is vector based with 64 bit double precision coordinates. This allows to draw directly over the original photo and get the most accurate result as possible.
When photogrammetry mode is active any object you draw is projected in real time.
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