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More New Features
  • Easier symbol and symbol view creation
  • Drawing origin and grid now saved into the document
  • The Double Polygon tool now automatically creates the connections between segments
  • The list of installed line-types can be reordered
  • Extend and Join commands can be applied to walls
  • Editing, moving, deleting, undoing/redoing walls now automatically rebuilds all the connections with connected walls.
  • Print Preview: added an “All Colors To Black” option to print all stroke colors as black.
  • The new Send Report window (Help > Send Report) lets the user send instant email feedback to ilexsoft
  • In the main window, added a utility button to toggle pen-weight display between hairlines and thick lines
  • Quick Reference: added the French localization (oui!)
  • Sheets: added four new commands to the palette contextual menu. They are: "Hide Others", "Show All", "Fit to View", "Hide Others and Fit to View".
  • Layers panel: added a column to show visually the bindings between drawing tools and layers
  • The Hatch Selection command now applies hatches and fills to shapes made of polygons, lines, arcs, elliptical arcs, freehands and beziers.
  • Labels of linear dimension now get their orientation from the witness line. This allows to have rotated labels facing the right or left sides of the page.
  • Added a new sketchy line-type named "Ink".
  • The Arrow tool now correctly edits selected objects instead of selecting adjacent items.
New Features in HighDesign 1.5
HighDesign 1.5 brings over 80 (eighty!) new features and improvements to address the needs of the growing number of HighDesigners worldwide. The application has been revised in almost all of its components, making it the most complete, fast and reliable version of HighDesign ever!
This page highlights only a few of the new items you find in HighDesign 1.5.

HighDesign 1.5 is a FREE upgrade for version 1.x registered users!

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Spotlight Integration
The new Document Properties dialog has been specifically designed to integrate HighDesign documents with Spotlight, the new search engine built in Mac OS X 'Tiger'.
You can now associate any relevant meta-data with your projects by entering information such as author, description, copyright, keywords, etc. What's more, you can set a deadline for the project, update its progress status and keep track of the time spent on it.

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Faster Than Ever
HighDesign 1.5 is the fastest version so far. Tests show that redraws are up to 86% faster than the previous release, 1.4.1, with an average gain of more than 50% in speed.
That means HighDesign 1.5 takes less than half the time to redraw objects on screen over 1.4.1, making scrolling, zooming, and many other operations much smoother and bringing a substantial benefit to your productivity!

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Improved Undo/Redo
Another key point of productivity is the ability to freely experiment with new ideas while still having the option to 'rewind'.
That's why the whole Undo/Redo system has been revised and enhanced: the maximum number of undoable actions has been increased to 150; many more actions provide the Undo/Redo option;

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High-Resolution Image Handling and Printing
HighDesign 1.5 can now insert, handle and print high-resolution images. Images inserted into a project keep their resolution and are displayed at their actual print size.
That means you can now use HighDesign for those layouts containing 300 Dpi images, with a great time-benefit to your workflow.

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All New Create Image Tool (Pro)
The Create Image tool provides now even more choises and features to create high-resolution, high-impact images of your project. New features include:
  • Size Presets: choose from a list of 38 most common image formats
  • Ability to set the size of the image as Pixel Size or Print Size
  • Image resolution
  • Customizable themes of graphic effects like background, frame, spacing, colors and line style.

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Direct Vector PDF Output (Pro)
With HighDesign 1.5, you can publish your documents to PDF for greater compatibility with illustration and layout packages such as Adobe® Illustrator, Macromedia® Freehand, Apple® iWork, etc.
PDF documents created with HighDesign retain all vector data, allowing further editing in external PDF-enabled applications, can be multi-page or single-page, and support RGB or CMYK colors.

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DXF 2004 Support
HighDesign 1.5 adds import and export support for DXF 2004 (Drawing eXchange Format). Also, exported DXF drawings are more compatible with a wide range of PC-based CAD applications, allowing you to share your projects with ease. DXF imports are significantly faster too.
All The Symbols You Need (Pro)
How many symbols can you use with HighDesign 1.5? Infinite!
The new Import Library tool lets you import any symbol/block library in DXF format and convert it to HighDesign-native symbols, all with a two-step process.
Before converting the symbols, you can review, rename and resize them.

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Offset Tool
The Offset tool lets you create concentric duplicates of the clicked items at a given distance. Not just a "Duplicate" tool, Offset creates the connections between subsequent items.
Align Objects
The Edit menu provides a new group of commands to align the selected objects: align to left/top/right/bottom edges and align in row or in column.
This makes much quicker and easier to create tables and lists.

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Automatic Snap To Alignments
HighDesign 1.5 introduces the new Snap to Alignments: just place the pointer over an endpoint and you will have two automatic orthogonal guides placed on the X axis and Y axis of that point.
Convert To Wall Tool (Pro)
With the new Convert To Wall tool, you can quickly transform your sketches into a solid, architectural design, or begin working instantly on drawings imported from the contractors and made on other CAD systems.
Also, since you can apply the Convert To Wall command to curves, circles and arcs, it's a snap to create curved walls.

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Easier Door/Window Insertion
Windows and doors now show live preview and relevant dimensions while being inserted into a wall, so to make inserting an opening a smooth and natural opeation.
Setting the start point at a given distance is much easier too!

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Improved Quick Reference
The Quick Reference has been improved in many aspects:
  • Topics have been revised and made more complete
  • You can now search by keyword, so to get the contents you want right away instead of having to browse the chapters
  • Speed has been improved
  • The appearance of the topics, colors, fonts, sizes and distances, has been improved for better readability

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Streamlined User Interface
We have taken the praised interface of HighDesign 1.4 and have improved it!
HighDesign 1.5 features:
  • New layouts for the Find panel, Layers, Symbol Library, Quick Reference, and others.
  • New and improved icons
  • Less palettes! Yes, that's true! When everybody seems to be adding palettes on their software, we have taken one off: since the snaps options are now available through a pop-up button, there is no need to have a Snaps palette on screen. Anyway, if you really want it, you can still open it through the Window menu.
  • If you have a two-button mouse, you'll love the new dynamic zoom and pan via the middle button.

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