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Top HighDesign Features
  • Powerful drawing and editing tools.
  • Automatic snap to grid, objects, intersections, right-angles, tangents and alignments.
  • High quality printing capabilities
  • Multiple undos and redos
  • Compatibility with most CAD and graphics software
  • Support for AutoCAD® DWG™ from version R9 to 2012 (pro)
  • Customizable symbol library
  • Ability to insert, edit and display bitmap images with adjustable transparency
  • Support for metric and imperial systems
  • Support for ISO, ASME and custom page layouts
  • Advanced project organization through unlimited groups and layers
  • Unique Sheet technology to organize the project (pro)
  • Customizable line-types and hatch patterns
  • Named views (pro)
  • Walls with automatic intersections and parametric doors and windows (pro)
  • Photogrammetry tool to get scaled elevations from digital images (pro)
  • Associative radial dimensions
  • Tools to calculate area of polygons, hatch irregular regions, convert segments to polygons, etc.
HighDesign 1.8, Tomorrow standard of CAD design, today.

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HighDesign is the modern, easy-to-use 2D CAD and illustration solution that raises your productivity standards by providing new concepts and powerful tools in a friendly environment. From architectural design to construction, from cabinetry to facilities management, working on a project in HighDesign will be a refreshingly fun yet fully professional experience.

HighDesign 1.8 Object Info

HighDesign 1.8.7

Thanks to the advanced features and enhancements of drawing and editing tools, HighDesign 1.8.7 offers you more, better results, and in less time.

HighDesign Professional now provides compatibility with AutoCAD® and many other CAD applications thanks to the support of the DWG™ file format up to version 2012.

And there's even more: dimensions, arrowheads, presets, styles, printing resolution, more speed for an unprecedented user experience.

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A modern CAD software

With the extensive set of drawing and editing tools, the context-sensitive interface, sophisticated project management features, and specialized functions, HighDesign is lets you:

  • Get more productive from the start thanks to its ease of use
  • Produce high quality drawings and illustrations
  • Manage the whole project from the first sketches to the final drafts
  • Exchange files with ease
  • Considerably cut costs from your design process because HighDesign integrates drawing and layout tools in one environment. All this delivered at only a fraction of the price of other CAD programs!

Two flavors

Standard / ProfessionalHighDesign is available in two editions, Standard and Professional, to best fit your needs. HighDesign Standard is intended for home, home-office/small-office users, and is perfect if computer aided design is not the core of your work. If your needs are more advanced, and CAD plays an important role in your everyday work, HighDesign Professional is the best choice for you.

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Powerful and Easy Design Tools

HighDesign provides you all the features you need to create professional looking plans, sections, elevations, isometric views including dimensions, line styles, hatch patterns, annotations, title boxes, reusable symbols and more. HighDesign includes tools to draw and modify objects, create and print layouts, and gives you the freedom to experiment with multiple levels of undo and infinite layers and sheets.
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Everything Under Control

HighDesign offers advanced tools to keep your project well organized. Groups, Layers, Sheets, various selection methods and the Find tool help you keep everything in its place, easy to find and easy to modify. No matter the size of your project, be it the doghose for Fido or the next Museum of Modern Art, a good organization will improve your productivity and cut the project time dramatically.
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Fit To Your Personality

Click-drag or click-click, background color or pattern, transparent palettes, keyboard shortcuts, whatever your preferences are, HighDesign does its best to fit them.
Also, any interface item has been studied and developed to maximize its efficiency and ease of use. See some screenshots.


Need to read "alien" documents or show your work to others? Who doesn't? Well, HighDesign Professional imports and exports DWG™ and DXB files from version R9 to 2012; exports PDF documents with CMYK or RGB colors; exports full-featured TIFF images.

Both Standard and Professional editions support DXF drawings from version 12 up to version 2006; HP-GL (plt) files; vector PICT; JPEG, PNG, Tiff, Tga, PSD, BMP, and many more.
See the Tech Specs for a detailed list of the supported formats in both editions, Standard and Professional.

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