Highdesign and Vectorworks 2D

If you would like to see a feature implemented in HighDesign please post your suggestions and requests here.
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Franco Giorgi
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Highdesign and Vectorworks 2D

Post by Franco Giorgi »

I tried VectorWorks and HD would be nice if it had the features of this limited to 2D CAD.
It seems very complete and flexible.

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Re: Highdesign and Vectorworks 2D

Post by axys »

I have both - VW has many, many more features, which is reflected in the price, but the interface and method of working is a complete mess. HD, by comparison, looks and works beautifully but is falling behind without basics such as boolean operations and cavity walls.
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Re: Highdesign and Vectorworks 2D

Post by emahfuz »

I agree with the comparison between HD and VW. I am a veteran of 17 years of use of VW, since the days it was called MiniCad. however, it has become a bloated and hugely expensive app and I decided to look around for a replacement for the odd 2D drawing.

I liked HD for its resemblance to VW before it became what it is now. a few improvements here and there and it will be the ideal 2D app.
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Re: Highdesign and Vectorworks 2D

Post by mikeisis »

HD with the tool set of PowerCadd with wild tool would be excellent. PowerCadd with wild tool is an excellent 2d cad pack for producing architectural and mechanical documents, but it seems like the developer is no longer supporting their product. HD could fill this void.

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Re: Highdesign and Vectorworks 2D

Post by Andrew »

Hi Mike, the development plan for HighDesign has a long list of features that will be implemented in the next years, and the feedback from experienced users is essential to us. What features would you like to see added in HighDesign? Feel free to open new topics for specific requests. After all, this forum is called "wish list" :)

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