saving your drawing preferences and settings

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saving your drawing preferences and settings

Post by SWANK-E »

is there a way to save the settings so everytime you open up a new document (or even and existing one) that it will be the same?

for some reason everytime i save the file and go exit the program and come back (and i think sometimes it does it without me even closing the program, just working along, my dimensions tolerances goes back to 0.0001 as opposed to 0. which is how i have set it. dimensions settings and other settings as well, drives me insane!

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Post by TrevorML »

Hi Kevin

I was just about to start giving the method and then realised that I was thinking of SU... but... unfortunately HD does not as of yet have the facility to set a specific doc to be the template used on making a new file...

HD generally retains the general settings that are changed in the Preferences panels whenever you close the app...

maybe close HD...
delete the com.ilexsoft.HighDesign.plist file in your ~/Library/Preferences/ folder
then relaunch HD...
set the prefs the way you want...
then close HD straight away...
then open HD and they should be OK...

if you want very specific settings over and about the pref type... doc layout, layers etc... save a file set up that way... then at the Finder level get info (Command-I) on the file and under the General section of the Info panel check the "Stationery Pad" check box... this will make it such that every time you open that file it will open as an untitled HD file but with all of the settings etc ready...


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