High Design on Win7?

If you would like to see a feature implemented in HighDesign please post your suggestions and requests here.
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High Design on Win7?

Post by gabodisegni »

I am a user of High design, to use my work computer is that MacOSX Windows7 64 .... I would like to see HighDesign on Win7 OS.
What do you think?

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Re: High Design on Win7?

Post by SurfingAlien »

I use a Win pc too (mainly because I'm forced to) but given the amount of Win-only-stuff out there I'd rather prefer the devs to concentrate on OSX development only. just my 2c btw...

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Re: High Design on Win7?

Post by axys »

Agree, never mind Windows, Ilexsoft should concentrate all their resources on HD for the Mac (and hopefully let us have news soon)! Use dwg to swap between platforms.
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