Please consider these items.

If you would like to see a feature implemented in HighDesign please post your suggestions and requests here.
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Please consider these items.

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I have worked with AutoCad for 20+ years but only as a small part of my job.
With that in mind there are a few major things I miss, along with a few minor things I can work around.
1) Symbol reference point. Am I doing something wrong here? I need to save a reference point with the symbol for exact insertion when I use the symbol.
2) Angle snapping. This seems like it would be fairly easy to do. I'd like to have the ability to lock onto 15º angles as I draw. It would be a big time saver.
3) Hatch fill inside existing geometry as a option. It's a time killer to redraw complex shapes to fill with a hatch.
4) Offset angle preset along with the distance in the offset dialog box. When doing many offsets I have to press A each time to get straight offsets.

These are the big items for me.
I'd be thrilled if the suggested items were included in the next update.

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