Menus Available when HD not active app

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Menus Available when HD not active app

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When I click out of HD to another App, the Style, View, Sheet and Object Menus disappear. This makes it impossible to do screen shots. It's also a severe challenge to my memory when i'm trying to write emails explaining the views, sheets and styles I'm using. I have to flip back and forth from email to HD so I can see the info I'm trying to describe!

Could you make the Menus stay visible when HD isn't the active App, or make it a preference we can set?

Also, I still desperately need a way to shortcut 'show all layers' and 'hide other layers'.

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Re: Menus Available when HD not active app

Post by matthew.Stanfield »

This is pretty standard behavior for apps on a mac. I for one much prefer it this way, though i can see where it could cause headaches with the particular situations you are describing.

If the menus were to be made available when HD is not the active app, i would prefer that it be a preference that could be set either way, that way those of us who prefer they disappear when HD is not active could still have it as it is.
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