delete multiple styles, sheets & views

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delete multiple styles, sheets & views

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My auto-recovered file has duplicated all of my views and styles :( . To make matters worse, my styles were already doubled because I used the File->Merge feature! My style list is huge. I'd like the ability to delete multiple views or styles at once, just like I can delete multiple layers using drawing manager.

I use File->Merge a lot & it would be helpful to be able to delete multiple sheets at once too. This would let me quickly whittle down files I'm going to merge.

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Re: delete multiple styles, sheets & views

Post by matthew.Stanfield »

I have just started exploring using styles and am running into this same problem. Everytime i merge a file all the styles get merged as well. This behavior is what i want, except when a particular style already exists in the file i am merging with. Then i get multiple copies of the same style, making the style list somewhat tedious to navigate.

Also, if i go to delete a duplicate style, HD asks me which style i would like to assign to the objects with the style i am deleting. However, the list of options does not include any of the duplicates of the style i am deleting. So it seems as though HD is not recognizing each instance of a given style. So then why do multiple copies show up in the style list? It is a bit puzzling.

Is there any way to thin down the style list when there are multiple copies of the same style?
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