symbol wishes

If you would like to see a feature implemented in HighDesign please post your suggestions and requests here.
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symbol wishes

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I'm sharing HD files with other users & we're having a hard time with symbols.

We don't have the same custom symbol libraries, so I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is missing (is that a toilet? a sink? a shower? a houseplant? ) I don't know what is missing, or where HD is looking for each missing symbol. The following would help a lot:

* always show the full path to a symbol in the object info, even if the symbol is 'broken'. I can easily tell what *should* be there, and I know exactly where to put it when I request the symbol from the original author of the file.

* option to embed symbols in a file during save. Or explode them on save. Exploding is our current workaround, but it's a pain to remember to do. I'd love to have embed and/or explode symbols on save as preference HD remembers in the print preview dialoge.
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