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I really want more robust polylines.

I've asked for this before, but here it goes again; I want to be able to select multiple vertices (sometimes hundreds) and be able to delete them without having to pick them up individually and move them onto their nearest neighbour just to simplify overly complex contour lines for example.

The other thing is there needs to be a way to suppress the behaviour of deleting the vertice that is moved onto another. I am trying to make a custom tree symbol in plan view and I used freehand curve to make the outline. Now I cannot close it because every time I try it just deletes the vertice I am trying to join to the other...

While on the subject of polylines... they need also to include curves. Really.

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Re: polylines...

Post by steven »

just to add to this request........contour lines are an integral part of architectural drawings. the ability to adjust / modify contour lines (polylines) is critical in the production of drawings........

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