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sheet printing

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My project setup is such that I use MANY sheets and I organise my sheets and layers with PROJECT VIEWS in order to create my "physical" sheets (which I'll call pages).

I want to be able to single out sheets to be printed a shade of grey (which would be selectable). I don't know if that is clear so I'll give an example of it's usefulness in my project organisation;

In our office we do the structural drafting for our projects. Because we want the STR information to really pop out we plot it black and the floor plan a light grey so it fades into the background. Up to this point I have been copy/pasting floor plans onto new structural sheets, deleting all the arc information and making the walls, doors, windows and built-ins light grey. The problem is that whenever the floor plan changes I need to either copy the plans again or update them on two (or more) sheets.

Being able to plot the ARC plan sheet a light grey while plotting the STR sheet(s) on the same page black would eliminate the need to have more than one copy of the plan.

I hope my "wish" is clear.

...or perhaps there are other simple ways to address this inconvenience that I've overlooked?....

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