enforce a set drawing area

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enforce a set drawing area

Post by kohledfusion »

I'd like to set a defined area where items are allowed to exist. For example, if my page is 36" x 24", I'd like to set a drawing boundary of 72" x 72"...anything that is accidentally moved/copied outside that boundary would throw a warning error & not proceed.

Every project I've done so far ends up with phantom items way out in 'space'. Most of the time they are huge numbers 140k feet away. I don't know how they get there, but the end result is that printing a view zooms so far out that the desired objects are gone & HD locks up. If I can limit where HD can deposit items, I can avoid the phantom objects miles away from my project.

Finding the phantoms is a huge pain. I'm not sure how they occur, because I've never created any object (via copy or move) with a number large enough to explain the distance of the phantom items.
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Re: enforce a set drawing area

Post by Andrew »

Hi, I guess this request is actually for a workaround to the problem of the far-off objects, rather than for a new feature per se. In that case, we would focus on solving the problem itself.

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