'free' multiply

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'free' multiply

Post by kohledfusion »

The ability to click on an item & duplicate it repeatedly with mouse-click insertion. Then Escape to exit the duplication. I can't remember which other program I've used this in.

For instance, I had to place 57 pierblocks in a non-grid pattern. I had to hit 'duplicate' cmd for every one & re-select the start point every time. It would have gone much faster if I could have selected the master once, then every time I clicked a copy would be inserted.

I realize symbol placement behaves this way, but in this case, my insertion point wouldn't have worked. Symbols weren't an option.

Apologies if this already exists. I checked the manual & didn't see anything on it.
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Re: 'free' multiply

Post by macitect »

No, this doesn't exist yet, and I have wished for it before! It would be similar to the CM (copy multiple) function in ACAD for example. I really need this and hope it comes SOON!

The only workaround for the moment is to create a symbol and place the symbol - which can be done in the manner you describe.

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Re: 'free' multiply

Post by peatle »

My kids used to do this in a program called KidPix .... it's called 'Rubber Stamp'.

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Re: 'free' multiply

Post by Andrew »

peatle wrote:My kids used to do this in a program called KidPix .... it's called 'Rubber Stamp'.
Yes, the concept is very much like the 'Rubber Stamp' tool found in photo editing apps.

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Re: 'free' multiply

Post by steven »

Well Andrew - when can we expect this function?


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