tools - layer binding

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tools - layer binding

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I realize that the option to bind layers with methods was a pretty big undertaking and I really appreciate it. However there is a shortcoming of this that I've realized and would like to offer possible solutions.

The problem is this; I want all dimension elements to be bound to the dimension layer except the "leader" method. As it stands I can only assign one (the linear dimension) tool to the DIM layer, the others I still have to do manually. It would be fantastic if there was either;
1. an option to assign multiple methods to one layer, or
2. assign an entire tool to a layer with automatic exemptions when one or more methods are assigned to another layer.

Hope that's clear.

BTW 1.8fc1 is coming along really nicely! Thanks.

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Re: tools - layer binding

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the same for me, please...

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