aligned dimension text + mixed drawing units

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aligned dimension text + mixed drawing units

Post by kohledfusion » Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:01 pm

I just tried to align the text of a few selected (vertical) dimensions horizontally. It aligned *all* of my dims on all layers (even invisible layers) horizontally! I cancelled, made sure I only selected the 3 dims I wanted to realign, but the same thing happened.

Can we get the align (vertical/aligned) feature to selectively apply instead of effecting dimensions globally?

Also, this may be in another thread.. I'd like to be able to assign different drawing units to elements on the same project. In my case, my plot plans need to be in surveyor-speak of decimal feet, while everything else has to be fractional foot-inch. I did my plot plan as a seperate file & merged it, but the dims switched to fractional foot-inch unit. For now I have to re-enter every plot plan dimension in deecimal feet using the custom text option.

If I'm doing something wrong, just holler :) If not, I'd love to get these two feature enhancements!
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