favorite things pallette

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favorite things pallette

Post by kohledfusion »

I'll throw another wish into the mix ~

I use the same lines/hatches/walls over and over. It would love to have a 'favorites' pallette where I could save these items & switch between them with one click. For instance, I use the following items for 95% of my drawing effort:

* solid line, weights 1,2 & 3 (orange, blue, black & green)
* dashed line #25 weight 1
* custom concrete hatch
* 4.5" wall, solid grey fill, line weight 2
* 6.5" wall, solid grey fill, line weight 2
* 4.5" wall, no fill, line weight 2
* 6.5" wall, no fill, line weight 2
* narrow leaders/arrows at beginning of line
* 6' sliding glass door (and all the settings for offsets,etc)
* 18", 24", 36" (etc) sliding windows + offsets
* 30" & 36" right hand swing doors + offsets
... you get the idea :)

I envision this working by setting the properties of a line/wall/window/hatch & clicking on a 'save to favorites' option. I'd like the ability to name the favorite myself...then they're displayed in a floating pallette (best) or a pull down menu (less preferable).

I know I put a lot of Wish List items up on the forum. I'm not complaining :) I love HD. I worked as a software developer for the past 8 years & we got a lot of great ideas from our *customers* asking for new features. Sometimes we said NO WAY, other times it was an easy addition - only the folks writing the software know how easy or hard it is to make a change. Thus all of my wish-listing...you never know when it's something useful and easy to implement.

Keep up the great work HD!

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