automatic memory on "L" attributes

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automatic memory on "L" attributes

Post by alexwhite » Wed Jun 14, 2006 3:26 pm

Okay, way back in 1.1 days you designed the "L" entry routine to remember the last length, which was great.... now I'd like the drawing command structure to automatically give inference to the "stored" L dimension as a default. Of course you would be able to over run this dimension by clicking the end point or offset or duplication elsewhere. But if all your drawing is 8" segments for example, taking the "L, entry, click" routine out would be a tremendous time saver for repitive dimensions. Maybe as you begin to find the second point the cursor lights up or there is an audible note when you've grabbed the last "L" entry.

Sketchup and acad both have this feature.



Just experienced that this wish would work great in the "Offset" routine too. The ability to quickly skip through the entry dialog boc to set the length, if its the same as last time, would be a time saver and mouse saver.
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