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I just wanted to share that, after several years of resistance, i have now joined the ranks of those who 'socialize' online.

If anyone is interested, i have a facebook page for my firm ( ... 01?sk=wall) as well as a twitter account (!/FiELD9arch). The plan is to use these as a way to quickly update people on what i am doing professionally (I try to stay away from personal info) and share articles and projects i come across on the web that i find intriguing.

If you are interested check them out and let me know what you think. I would also be interested in knowing if anyone else on this forum has a facebook page or twitter account they would like to share.
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Re: SocialMedia

Post by SurfingAlien »

hey Matthew!
quoting almost anything you said... (resistance, professional/personal info, etc.)

twitter: @studioardesign


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