Rhino - nurbs modeler - for OSX

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Rhino - nurbs modeler - for OSX

Post by macitect »

I would imagine that most of us predominantly use SketchUp for 3D. If however you are looking for something with which you can do more organic forms then you might want to check out Rhino.

I haven't yet used it, but I have heard great things about it and seen some really impressive models. It is a NURBS modeler, which I think is far more conducive to architectural modeling than polygonal. I just saw on the MaxwellRender forums that Rhino is coming out on OSX.

If you go to this site:
You can sign up to get a free Beta version.

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Post by Yien »

thanks Derek!

beta tester since yesterday and it looks quite promising!
it sort of sketchup mixed with acad command. very precise.
i will try to import plan from my HD later...


by the way did you get my pm?
and if you wanted to check the Novus contest result (which i draw plan and detail with HD) there's a url : http://www.creativitemontreal.com/article.aspx?id=22903

see ya.

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