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High Design Advertising in Mac Directory

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2004 2:10 am
by Michel PM
to all at iLexsoft
Saw the High Design Ad last week in Mac directory. Small, but it was at the top of a page and it looked great!
Hope it generates some interest and sales for ilexsoft.
I'm a little worried to see only 8 registered forum users of your app. I hope there are more individuals than this using HD with no issues. I would hate to see this product abandoned or discontinued because of lack of sales. At only version 1.2.2, you've got quite a good product here. I only hope the best and continued development ans sucesss of your product.
As another sales strategy,maybe you could get a demo version bundled on a Mac magazine CD. So, more creative Mac designers can get a chance to try this app for themselves.

Posted: Sun Jun 27, 2004 7:52 am
by Andrew
I'm glad you noticed the ad, thanks! Other campaigns are planned as well.
Don't worry you see so few registered users in this forum: there are much, much more HighDesign users! It's just that the vast majority of them are very quiet and silent. The next update will provide a link to this forum in the Help menu, so more users can find it and take advantage of this resource.

Also, I understand your concerns about our software turning into unused "shelfware", especially because it is at version 1.2.2, but I can tell you we have development plans that go ahead for at least three years, and by the time the current feature list is complete there will be a new one full of entries.