Photoprogrammetry and Projections mystery

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Photoprogrammetry and Projections mystery

Post by kohledfusion »


I am working my normal workflow (keystrokes, shortcuts, etc). Today I have accidentally (somehow) activated Programmetry and Projections with a keystroke combination. This has happened 9 times now. I am not sure what I could be doing to activate it. I checked my shortcuts and made sure that nothing is assigned to either command, yet it still happens.

This happened in 2 different files, so it's not file-specific.

I upgraded to El Cap last week, completely clean re-install
16GB 2.3 GHz Core Duo, new motherboard
I have 15.3.2, 1.8.7 and 16.0.1 loaded, but only use one at a time
Recently upgraded to 16.0.2, but pulled back to 16.0.1 due to monitor incompatibility.
Some of the items I copied into the 15.3.2 file were 1.8.7 items that I transferred over.

Any ideas on what's happening? Has anyone else experienced this?

I also had a non-recoverable crash with the programmetry which deleted all items and all sheets (7 of them) in the file. The file opened with one sheet scale showing mm:* in the sheet window. Very weird and I lost a few hours of work. There was no option to recover the file when I relaunched HD, which was odd. The Backup file was also blank. Repair file did not help. However, the view port did show the items when I clicked on the view.

Did I mess things up by backsliding to 16.0.1? Is it unsafe to use 15.3.2 while I have 16.0.1 on the same Mac?
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Re: Photoprogrammetry and Projections mystery

Post by Andrew »

Hi, I can think of a couple of causes:
a) launching 2015.3 after using 2016 may have altered the shortcut preferences file (because of the different underlying architectures). In this case, you would have to reset the preferences by holding down the Command and Shift keys while launching HighDesign. If that does not work, it may be necessary to remove the shortcuts file from the App support folder: go to Preferences > General > Support Folder and click the "Show" button to open the HighDesign App Support folder. Locate the file "HDShortcuts.hdprf" and move it to another folder or the trash. This will reset all your shortcuts to the "factory" defaults.

b) a possible conflict with system-wide keyboard shortcuts. In OS X, you can check for possible conflicts with keyboard shortcuts for any app in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.

Hope that helps!

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