HOW much RAM are you guys burning?

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HOW much RAM are you guys burning?

Post by alexwhite »

I just upgraded to a late 2015 27" iMac 5K with 8 MB RAM...

I'm also trying to jump full time into HD 2015.3.1 and the first simple Autocad drawing 373kb I've imported is slow to select lines, run commands, etc.

Any ideas out there? How much RAM are you using with HD 2015.3.1?

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Re: HOW much RAM are you guys burning?

Post by Andrew »

I suspect that the slower speed is not related to RAM usage. Activity Monitor reports 93.2 MB for an empty project, which of course grows depending on the project being loaded. For a comparison, the average browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) can use more than 900 MB.

With AutoCAD projects, pay attention to hatches as they are often made of dotted or tiny patterns that can slow down the entire project. Simply turning off their layer can make a huge difference.

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