Selection tool is not working

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Selection tool is not working

Post by dph »

I've done something in one of my drawings and now none of the tools work correctly.

I don't get an arrow as a selection tool. I have a check mark. There are two black dots
in the upper lefthand corner of my drawing. It's only this one drawing.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Selection tool is not working

Post by Andrew »

Hello David, when something like that happens -though actually that is the first time we ever hear something like that :) - the best thing to do is close and reopen the document. If the problems persist, there are some extra steps you may take:
  • Use the Repair command under Help > Repair Document.
  • Use Direct Repair. If the document does not load or for some reason using the menus is not possible, relaunch HighDesign, open the document and hold down the Alt key while the document loads. That will automatically repair it.
  • Rebuild the preferences. If the problems seem to occur in all documents, there may be a problem with the app preferences. Hold down both Command and Shift keys while HighDesign launches to restore the default settings.

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