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Jonathan Lear
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accuracy lacking

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I'm having great trouble accurately moving objects. For example I drew a simple rectangle and placed construction lines on all four corners. I then selected the rectangle and not the construction lines and moved it 300mm to the right. I tried this several times and each time it moved 300mm to the right and 2mm up- no matter what I did- holding shift etc. I really like the look of HD 2015 and think that it could be a world class CAD program however I'm finding that it is lacking in simple accuracy. Another example is the snap. Sometimes it looks as though the snap has accurately placed a line however when I zoom right in, it appears to be slightly off. Without basic accuracy the whole program is useless. If you are constantly checking whether one line has accurately snapped to another then your trust in using the program is lost and I feel that I'm starting to go that way. Please fix the basics so that they are 100% reliable otherwise all the other features are a waste of time.

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Re: accuracy lacking

Post by Giovanni »

This behaviour is reproducible when I move the rectangle by a vertex and click on the construction line: apparently the snap function in this case is not working as expected. With HighDesign 2015.2.1 when holding the Shift key this situation does not seem to occur.

Thank you for pointing it out.
Giovanni Suraci
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