Selecting filled polygons and hatches

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Selecting filled polygons and hatches

Post by Skywagon »

Hi you all,
In HD 1.87 one could select by picking anywhere on a hatched shape or closed filled polygon and selection was effective. In HD2015 it seems that selecting the same shapes needs to be done only by clicking on the edges or vertices..Dommage !!
I hope this will be fixed pretty soon as well.
Tony Manias
Geneva - Switzerland

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Re: Selecting filled polygons and hatches

Post by matthew.Stanfield »

I have found this behavior to be extremely annoying at best and frustrating at worst.

It definitely needs to be fixed.
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Re: Selecting filled polygons and hatches

Post by Giovanni »

The behaviour you are referring to in HD 1.8.7 was possible only for filled regions, not hatches, with the Arrow tool: anyway, we will look into it to make the selection of filled regions and hatches smoother.
Giovanni Suraci
ilexsoft - Look Ahead

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