help ...2015 and import *dxf....

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help ...2015 and import *dxf....

Post by Beagle »

I must load a Dxf file made in solid works but when importing I see nothing in HD2015.
Still in "Drawing manager" I see a layer 0 with 32 objects in it.
I have asked again that they try to send me a file in R12 format, but that also wil not display any line on my screen.

How I can get this file visible?

PS and when I want to add an attachment in this message and click on Add files . I got a message "invalid file extension".. so I'm not able to send you the example. :evil:
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Re: help ...2015 and import *dxf....

Post by matthew.Stanfield »

I too have trouble when trying to bring in DXFs.

I cannot give you a definitive answer, but it seems to have something to do with the scale of the sheet. Try setting the sheet to various scales and see if that helps.
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Re: help ...2015 and import *dxf....

Post by Giovanni »

Please send the DXF drawing to the support email address as an attachment: most likely what you are describing is connected with the setup of the right units and scale when importing the drawing as written by matthew.Stanfield. Consider that usually DXF drawings use mm or decimal inches at 1:1 drawing scale.
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