Having a little difficulty with my title block

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Ian Bee
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Having a little difficulty with my title block

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Okay, I've got my title block all sorted, and saved as a symbol, works real sweet!

Now, here's the thing... Instead of simply having my name of my business in the bottom of the title block, I thought I would simply place a png. file in the same field, so I can have my logo instead of plain text.

Nearly got there, except, when I resize my logo file down to fit, it pixellates badly.

Tried scaling it down in Photoshop, and saving, same deal.

Also tried saving it as a SVG file, but High Design Standard won't open it.

What can I do?

So, to recap, I want my business logo placed inside one of my field in my title block, without the pixellation.

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Re: Having a little difficulty with my title block

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If i am looking at the right thing, i think you could just create the logo in HD without too much difficulty. Just use separate text boxes for "ZERO", "G", and "SYSTEMS". The The "G" could be rotated independently of the other words.

Another option is to trace your logo in HD. I ended up doing this with mine so that it is scalable and so the font does not change when viewed on a computer that does not have the fonts i used installed.
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