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Post by jmartinarch »

I was looking through the videos at
One did not function. The video on inserting doors and windows. I thought it was a deficiency on the part of my computer…quicktime or something, but other videos from the same page opened and functioned well. Anyone notice this?

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Re: videos

Post by matthew.Stanfield »

I just tried the vides myself.

I could only open the "Import Symbol Libraries" and the "Convert Lines and Curves to Walls" videos.

The one on inserting doors and windows would open a pop up window, but it looks like the video may be damaged.

The last two would not even open. I clicked on the link several times and nothing happened.
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Re: videos

Post by Rob W »

Have just tried all the videos, clicking on the Blue hyperlink Text some of them don’t play but double click the small computer screen they all stared and played.

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